Live TV

Watch over-the-air DTV stations online. This is a collection of live TV channel streams. If any of these stations are not available locally, you can watch them here.

Note: these streams are publicly available elsewhere, and there is no intent to claim ownership, copyright, permission or otherwise break the law. I’m not joking; I spent hours and sought legal advice and there was none to be found. If you are the owner or represent a channel owner and would like a stream removed, contact me and I’ll remove the stream, or provide any prescribed alternatives.

Content, logos, trademarks and copyrighted media are owned by the organizations presenting them online, or rights are reserved by those organizations.


Q: I don’t care about any of these channels! Why even bother?
A: There are many underserved people in the United States, and there is frequently no commercial incentive to serve those people. In other cases, there isn’t enough channel space in a market to offer all of the channels that a population might want. So, because I can, I made this page and this list.

Q: I see ads on this page. So you’re making money off of other people’s work!
A: That isn’t a question; and honestly, I don’t make money from this site. The hope is to pay for hosting. If I ever get to the point that I actually turn a profit on the site, I will remove ads on this page.

Q: I’m a content owner, and you’re breaking the law by stealing my stuff. Could you stop?
A: I will happily stop. There is no intent to break the law, and I genuinely did research to try and determine whether I was or not (as ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the law). I found no answers. I have no intent in stealing or breaking the laws or any use agreements. Please contact me with information to let me know that you officially represent the business or organization wanting me to stop and I’ll remove the content promptly. There is no need to send a DMCA takedown or Cease and Desist; a simple email will suffice.

Q: Is anyone paying you to link to their stream?
A: Nope! I Just wanted to offer a service that helped someone. I hope it helps you, and I hope the commercially supported channels get ad revenue as they should for their product.

Q: I am a content owner and I wish for you to link to my stream. Want to?
A: The intent of this page is to link to streams which are available free-to-air in the US so people who can’t get them can actually watch them. If you don’t run one of those channels but would like me to put something together for your channel, I’ll happily do so. Let’s talk! If you do run a network that is available free-to-air and wish to add it to this page, let’s talk, also!